Baci Perugina homemade - delicious recipe


Can you think of a better way to express your love for the one and only that occupies that special place in your hearth! – Give the Italian Kiss and this time is sweeter than ever and who knows what may follow?

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The Pope's Noodles - a divine inspiration


The Pope’s Noodles or Fettuccine alla Papalina – an upscale reinterpretation of the earthy spaghetti carbonara.

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How to break down a Pumpkin to make your fresh pumpkin pie filling

Peeled and deseeded, I chopped the pumpkin into 1inch X 1inch cubes

The toughest part of the pumpkin pie filling by far is breaking down the pumpkin. Read what this upcoming Chef discovered after he diced the pumpkin into little pieces…

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Secret Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Native Americans dried strips of pumpkin and wove them into mats. They also roasted long strips of pumpkin on the open fire and ate them. The origin of pumpkin pie occurred when the colonists sliced off the pumpkin top, removed the seeds, and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. The pumpkin was then baked in hot ashes.

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Are all winter squashes pumpkins?

Pumpkin & Squash Identification Chart from Earthbound Farm in Carmel Valley, CA

Pumpkins are winter squashes, but not all winter squashes are pumpkins! – No matter what you call them, in the fall many wonderful varieties are available. Squash is native to the New World, and some species have been cultivated for more than 9,000 years.

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PanDiVigna, born from combining the authentic flavor of the ancient wheat Pur-Pur and the intense vitality of the flour obtained from the seeds of grapes, has a strong character in color and flavor, a rustic texture enhanced by hints of spicy aroma of anise, complimented by the beneficial properties of the anthocyanins, giving the bread its characteristic purple color, the bread is also enhanced by the high content of polyphenols from the flour generated from the grape seeds that contains the highest concentration of nutrients present in the fruit: vitamin E, flavonoids, and linoleic acid.

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Is it edible?


Selected Memoirs of an Obsessed Mycophile, by Dom Laudato answers many questions for foragers such as, “What are the best mushrooms to look for on Long Island? And, “How can I be absolutely positive of an identification?”. Dom introduces the reader to the fascinating world of wild mushrooms first-hand through the eyes of a lifelong, experienced (and often obsessed) mycophile.

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A heavenly Pairing

Terre di San Leonardo

This is a spring recipe for making Herbed Beef Tenderloin served with Field Greens and paired with TERRE di San Leonardo, a wine conceived by the Giacomo Tachis and crafted today by renowned enologist Carlo Ferrini.

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Kickin' farm to table up a notch or two


Hearth-baked cobblers, served on cast iron plates and house made ice cream, complete the locally sourced concept by adding the finishing touches to an already perfect meal, at Cooper’s Mill, where the local farming concept is extended by serving the freshest fish from a partnership between Cooper’s Mill and local fishermen from small-scale sustainable wild fisheries that eliminate the middleman and ship directly to restaurants. The bar expands on the local concept, by offering craft beers, from Captain Lawrence and Defiant. Also available are some of the region’s finest whiskeys and locally distilled honey-based vodka, gin and brandy, from StilltheOne Distillery in Port Chester, NY.

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Pool Party at the Castle Hotel & Spa


“Its summer”, said Chef Marc Lippman. “We need a Pool Party!” So, Chef Lippman and his team developed a series of three Poolside Summer Events that are paired creatively with a local distillery, a local beer brewery, and a local sake importer and sommelier to be the highlight of summer Pool Parties at Castle Hotel & Spa’s Poolside Grotto in July and August.

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