Folding Napkins with class

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Just in time for your Holidays entertainment needs, I ran across “Napkin Folding Guide”, a great website that gives 27 different folding instructions for entertaining with an additional touch of class.

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Castle Hotel & Spa Announces Summer Series of Poolside Pairing Events


Castle Hotel & Spa announces another summer of culinary excellence with Poolside Pairings. The Culinary Team at Equus Restaurant has developed creative and innovative menus that perfectly complement the popular local beverage producers — distilleries, breweries, and vintners. All served in the spectacular Poolside Grotto at Castle Hotel & Spa overlooking the Hudson River.

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Local resources and transportation


Useful links to live traffic, transportation. Parks guides and links to the official New York State websites for counties, cities, towns and villages. Hudson Valley NY Live traffic, Hudson Valley NY transportation, Hudson Valley NY parks and links to counties, cities, towns and villages

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Wineries, farm fresh produce and attractions

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The Hudson Valley, located just north of New York City and extending almost to Albany, has been a choice destination for tours, museums, performing arts, historic sites and and wineries. Its all here including a 5 Star Hotel and an Airport! – And just like the Loire Valley, we have wineries, vineyards, farms, fresh produce and rolling green hills and a river to transports the goods from the inland ports out to the New York Harbor.

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An Itinerary for wine, food and wellness

Linda Pierro – Hudson Valley Wine Publisher

A Hudson Valley Itinerary – Fresh Food at the Source, The Wine Trail, Wellness Treatments and The Culinary Institute of America. Pick and choose from this itinerary according to your taste and schedule. You might want to spend an hour or an entire day exploring some of these gems. With farm fresh foods and restaurants that feature some of the world’s best chefs, you’ll definitely eat well on this trip.

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New York City's biggest street event


The mega street event of the year on the streets of historic Little Italy, first home in America for hundreds of thousands of immigrants. The event features live musical entertainment, street food, “al fresco dining” and this the place to get some of the most unique kitchen gadgetry, inclusive of pasta machines and expresso making machines from the traditional Napoletana, to the Moka all the way to the modern pod machines. Dion will be Grand Marshal of the Grand Procession on Saturday, September 14, at 2 PM. Dion’s work incorporates elements of doo-wop, pop oldies music, rock, R&B and, the blues. As the most popular rock and roll performers of the Pre-British Invasion era, he’s had more than a bakers dozen top hits in the late 1950’s and early 60’s. He is best remembered for the 1961 singles, “Runaround Sue” and “The Wanderer”, written with Ernie Maresca.

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Each falling star is believed to grant one wish to the observer


Meteor Showers begin toward the end of July through August and this year can be seen peaking at sunrise on August 12th and 13th 2013, when from 50 to 100 meteors per hour can be observed. In Italy, “Calici di Stelle 2013”, an initiative of “Movimento Turismo del Vino” will kick off the celebrations August 10th throughout the Regions, coinciding with the night of Saint Lawrence when wishes are made while gazing at falling stars.

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Pool Party at the Castle Hotel & Spa


“Its summer”, said Chef Marc Lippman. “We need a Pool Party!” So, Chef Lippman and his team developed a series of three Poolside Summer Events that are paired creatively with a local distillery, a local beer brewery, and a local sake importer and sommelier to be the highlight of summer Pool Parties at Castle Hotel & Spa’s Poolside Grotto in July and August.

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Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing

If Water Could Speak

Some 97.5% of water on the Earth is salt water, leaving only 2.5% as fresh water. Of this over two thirds is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps. The remaining unfrozen fresh water is found mainly as groundwater, with only a small fraction present in rivers, lakes or in the air. Water is a precious resource, use it responsibly and don’t waste it! Hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) is a drilling technique that involves injecting toxic chemicals, sand, and millions of gallons of water under high pressure into the ground to release natural gas in shale deposits. This mixture of toxins and sediment, along with any natural gas released, can leak to the surface.

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Everybody's got a hungry heart...

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

East Rutherford, NJ – The Boss rocks the house at the 2012 Wrecking Ball Tour at MetLife Stadium where echoes of his music will go on forever. A beautiful evening, shared with over 60,000 fans on a Wednesday night where the Wrecking Ball Tour has two more events one on Friday and the other on Saturday marking the official end of summer, and Bruce’s birthday this Sunday the 23rd. The show opened with the sounds of “Summer Wind” by the other Jersey boss, then on to “Shackled and Drawn” setting the stage for “Prove it all Night” and off running to the 40 yard line, where Bruce sings “Hungry Heart” at First to the right, then to the left of the stage and afterwards gets crowd surfed back on stage while the cameras follow and technicians do a real time mix of the coverage from all angles, rendering a real time mega screens experience, bigger than life itself with a surreal touch.

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