The Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse


Like all lighthouses on the Hudson, the 1883 Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow was designed as a “family station,” as the keeper and his family lived in the five-story structure year-round. Tarrytown Light, also known as Kingsland Point Light and Sleep Hollow Light is a sparkplug lighthouse that is part of a County Park for Westchester County, New York. It is open to the public. The lighthouse is open for group tours by appointment only. There is a fee of $150 for a group of up to 25 people. The program lasts approximately 50 minutes.

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Lighthouses on the Hudson


From the moment of Hendrik Hudson’s trip up the mighty river until today, the Hudson River is one of the most important commercial and recreational rivers in America. Hundreds of cargo ships ply its waters and thousands of pleasure boats skip along its waves. The majestic Hudson transports the goods of America from the inland ports out to the greatest deep water port in the country, New York Harbor.

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Salina – the greenest of the Aeolians

Salina, the volcanic Island of Il Postino

In the center of the Aeolian archipelago, the twenty-seven kilometers of islands lying north of Sicily, is Salina. It seems protected by the other islands: Vulcano and Lipari are in front, Panarea and Stromboli lie on the right, Filicudi and Alicudi to the left. Didyme is Salina’s name in ancient Greek – twin mountains. It is the greenest of the Aeolians, and has two of the three highest elevations in the group. Made up of three municipalities (comuni), its important agricultural resources turn out excellent products, unique in Italy’s gastronomic panorama. Capers and malvasia are two of the items from a lush countryside where the soil is composed of layers of soil formed in ancient volcanic eruptions.

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Don't waste the water

If Water Could Speak

Some 97.5% of water on the Earth is salt water, leaving only 2.5% as fresh water. Of this over two thirds is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps. The remaining unfrozen fresh water is found mainly as groundwater, with only a small fraction present in rivers, lakes or in the air. Water is a precious resource, use it responsibly and don’t waste it! Click on the link: Don’t waste the water to view the full post and a great video.

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An oasis for the food lover in you


The personalized service makes shopping at Tarry Market a pleasant activity rather than just another chore. Go when you have enough time available to enjoy the experience because here the shopkeepers are always ready to pamper you. As you enter you are welcome by a fully equipped espresso bar: The “Tarry Café”, a mini bistro where besides coffee or cappuccino, you may enjoy a gelato, pastry or choose from a selection of ready to eat panini sandwiches.

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Dining al fresco in New York City


New York City has some of the best Al fresco dining spots in America. Besides the many Restaurants offering sidewalk dining, made popular in Little Italy, New York City offers some incredible outdoor dining spots like rooftops, terraces and patios as well as romantic garden dining to enrich your dining experience and feed your fantasy.

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A fantasy landscape

giardino all'italiana_in_toscana-5f6516019c

At Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda the view from the swimming pools opens up over the Sienese hills. The cypresses are he same color as black cabbage and here and there the small houses made of red brick and stone accent the view.

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Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival


This year’s Clearwater festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and 17, 2012 at Croton Point Park in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

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Tuesday Trivia at J.P. Doyle's

J.P. DOYLE'S, 48 Beekman, Sleepy Hollow-914-631-3015

Tuesdays at 7:30pm its TRIVIA QUIZ night at J.P. DOYLE’S Restaurant and public house, Bring your friends and form a team for a very friendly and fun competition! There are food specials and traditional pub fare, and did I mention Chef Bell’s shepherd’s pie or or Tuna Teriyaki.

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Mohonk Mountain House


Settled beneath the shoulder of the breathtaking Shawangunk Ridge, New Paltz shines as one of the jewels of Ulster County. Visitors come to New Paltz for a variety of reasons: to swim in glacial lakes, cycle on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, or to soak up the region’s rich history and culture.

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