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Vino Nobile Preview at the Montepulciano Fortezza

A new year has begun with a new round of promotional activity in Italy and abroad. The market is responding well to the Nobile and Rosso wines, and everything in Montepulciano is ready for the annual fair that is expected to attract more than three thousand people from all over the world: the Anteprima del Vino Nobile (Vino Nobile Preview), on 16 and 17 February for wine sector professionals, and 20 February for the specialist press.

This year, the event celebrates its twentieth edition. Starting out with the participation of just a few farms, the fair has evolved and grown into the large-scale, much-anticipated event it has become today. This year the Anteprima del Vino Nobile returns to its ideal setting, the Montepulciano Fortezza. In a few months the Fortezza will house the offices of the Consorzio del Vino Nobile and the organization’s wine shop and bar, the Enoteca Consortile. For this special edition of the Preview, Montepulciano is in festive mood: the town’s restaurants are presenting themed menus, with a complimentary glass of Nobile 2011 (offered by the Consorzio); the “Belle Vetrine” shop window competition will be rewarding the best display inspired by the Vino Nobile; and, new for this year, there is a happy hour on 15 and 16 February in five lo cal wine bars. The air of celebration is matched by the anticipation of discovering how many stars will be awarded to the most recently harvested vintage, the 2013.

The Vino Nobile promotional campaign leaves Montepulciano for a tour of the United States from 5 to 13 March, promoting the Sistema Montepulciano (together with the Montepulciano municipal authorities and the Strada del Vino Nobile organisation), and then moves on to Germany at the end of March for the traditional Pro Wein event. For the Vino Nobile, the new year is getting off to a great start.

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