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The bakery is one of the sectors represented in Carrara Fiere part of Tirreno CT  An area in Italy that is worth over EUR 8 billion with 3.2 million tons of bread produced in a year and represents 17% of the food.


Among the novelties presented at the fair
there’s bread made with grape seed flour

Massa-Carrara (Tuscany), February 23rd, 2014 – From Lariano to Terni, from San Gaudenzio a Laterza, and from Pontremoli to Borgopace, just to mention some of the places in Italy where the bread is associated with a source, and to provide a quick scan of the tradition and culture that revolves around one of the most popular products for consumption. In addition to these you can also add to the list the recent Tuscan bread Dop, the Ferrarese couple lgp, the homemade bread of Genzano lgp, and the bread from Altamura Dop and even the Bread of Matera, but the list of requests currently under consideration is even wider. At Tirreno C.T., the exhibition of the catering and hospitality taking place in Carrara Fiere until February 27th, the Assipan (the Italian association of bakers) decided to dedicate five whole days to teaching and research. The main theme is “the bread of the past”, starting from the flour made from local grains, because, according to the association’s data, that is how the Italians want it, relying on sourdough and using Italian flour, preferably certified.

Pandivigna. On the occasion of the 34th edition of Tirreno CT Carrara, the Group Agugiaro & Figna mills, introduces a new product for the professional baker, the PanDiVigna. The latest idea is carried out by the Research and Development team at the leading Italian milling group of  Agugiaro & Figna, with the intent of making palatable the flour generated from grape seeds, whose presence rich in nutrients is not complimented by a taste that is the easy on the palate. Although not for baking purposes, until now, flour from grape seed is currently produced in northern Europe by the group Agugiaro & Figna, the first company in Italy to introduce the consumer to a new delicious product, designed not only for the gourmand, but a product destined for daily consumption.

The PanDiVigna, is born from combining the authentic flavor of the ancient wheat Pur-Pur and the intense vitality of the flour obtained from the seeds of grapes, the bread has a strong character in color and flavor, with a rustic texture enhanced  by hints of spicy aroma of anise, complimented by the beneficial properties of the anthocyanins, giving the bread its characteristic purple color, the bread is also enhanced by the high content of polyphenols from the flour generated from the grape seeds that contains the highest concentration of nutrients present in the fruit: vitamin E, flavonoids, and linoleic acid.

You can download the original press release in its entirety: Panificazione in Italia

Source: Tirreno C.T. Trade Srl

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