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A good homemade ice cream is not fattening

The most delicious hazelnut in Italy is produced in Tuscany

The ice cream Caprice 2 Carrara won the Oscar del Gelato 2014. Hazelnut and chocolate tastes preferred by Italians. Ice cream is an area in Italy that is worth 2.5 billion euro.

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Carrara, 02/27/2014 – It’s called Gelateria Caprice 2 and  is located in Carrara: it is here that the best hazelnut flavor of Italy is produced. And ‘This is the ice cream that won the Oscar del Gelato organized by the Italian gelato at Tirreno CT, the catering and hospitality industry fair which ends today in Carrara Fiere. The theme of this edition was the hazelnut, with over 30 participants from all over Italy. Tuscan ice cream parlors always finished on the podium: the silver medal went to Gelateria GDB Ronchi (Massa) and third place for Eugene of Marina di Massa (MS).

A good homemade ice cream is not fattening”  according to Martino Liuzzi, an expert on ice cream. “In a homemade ice cream there are noble ingredients such as milk, cream, sugar, stabilizers, thickeners water that are of natural origin and that are great for fighting free radicals.” There are the hydrogenated vegetable fats which are not digestible and above all there is a low presence of air due to creaming. ” In addition to the quality of the raw material, compliance procedures, gelato is also a matter of image. “Introduce yourself in Gelateria with the uniform, with even the staff in uniform, from ‘a particular added value to the ice cream and the professionalism of those who produce it.” A Tirreno Ct was held today also the race between hotel schools for the best ice cream. The winners of Carrarafiere participate in the national finals to be held in Blyth, on the occasion of the International Ice Cream Mig Show which takes place on December 3.
The numbers in the industry. In Italy there are over 13 000 structures including bakeries and ice cream parlors which employ about 40 000 people. The greater number of facilities are located in Lombardy which has a market share of 16.3% of the total Italian, followed by Veneto and Emilia Romagna 10,1% with 9,4%. Tuscany is close to 6.5% and 0.8% ranking Umbria, Molise and Valle d’Aosta 0.4% 0.2%.
Consumption. From some recent data on consumption of homemade ice cream is about 165 thousand tons, slightly more than 2.7 kilograms pro-capite/anno. The turnover is estimated at EUR 2.5 billion, reaching up to 3.2 billion Euros if you add the value of machinery / equipment and the furniture. Tastes. Regarding taste, creams prevail on the fruit with chocolate and hazelnut head. Over half, 52%, consumption of ice cream is concentrated in the northern regions with the purchase but not due to the seasonality deferred evenly during the whole year. In the South, where it consumes 30% of Italian ice cream, however sales were mostly concentrated in the summer. Italy stops at the central 18% of the national consumption of ice cream. Should be emphasized that despite the consumption, ice cream is being progressively consumed throughout the seasons, the peaks will continue to take place in the summer season.
Price. The price of ice cream rose, on average, in 2012, by 3.2%, two tenths of a point above the rate of general inflation. At the same time the industrial ice cream showed a slightly higher increase, or 3.3%.
Trend. Two concepts that make ice cream trends: the ice cream shop “trendy” devoted to nightlife and the ice cream shop on the net, which is a series of exercises to mark both directly operated franchises.
An ice cream that is good for the “heart.” The Association of Italian gelato at Tirreno CT has promoted a joint initiative: the proceeds of the ice cream produced and sold at the fair will go to the non-profit organization “One heart, one world,” the parents association that helps children with heart disease research heart related diseases in the world childhood. It is not the only activity of ice cream for this association during the year is supported in the search for funds to be made available to the medical world dedicated to this sector.

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