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Every year the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino organizes an event called “BENVENUTO BRUNELLO”. On this occasion the new wines on the market since the beginning or the new year are presented to the press and the stars  assigned to the new vintage are announced.

“The strength of this territory and the competence of the viticulturists are are the winning combination here in Montalcino.

Both experts and producers agree that the year 2010 is an excellent vintage, in my opinion and from what I’ve tasted so far from this area, the 2010 is a 5+ star vintage”

Fabio Ratto of Antinori Agricola underlines that “the weather conditions, combined with attentive agronomic practices, brought about very high quality grapes. The days of sunshine that characterised the harvest allowed a perfect ripening of the bunches, giving us an excellent quality raw material. The wines right from the first days of vinification showed marvellously rich colours and soft tannins.

The 2010 harvest in Montalcino is definitely… READ MORE DIRECTLY FROM THE CONSORZIO


TRE BICCHIERI is also around the corner…and the winners are?Read or download here.


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