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Karaoke at the Theater

Become an overnight singing sensation at the Westchester Broadway Theater

Karaoke  been around now a little more than two decades its origins point to Japan and quickly it expanded to the U.S. and then to Canada. Search the word Karaoke to see the therapeutic claims and current medical applications.

Karaoke is a natural at helping people to gain confidence, because music empowers and each vibration helps relieve stress it and soothes, and brings back memories or even the actual feelings you were feeling when the song was popular.

This Wednesday, August 4th you can get on stage and sing your favorite karaoke song on the stage of the Westchester Broadway Theater in Elmsford, 1 Broadway Plaza.

A Pub Menu is available and a full bar service, including a good selection of fine wines. Justine Faith from Nightstar DJ will provide the microphone, the songs and the lyrics and you just show up and sing.

So warm up your vocal chords because Wednesday August 4th, will be here before you know it! – Still shy? Need some practice? – Then log on to: it’s a Free Online Karaoke sing along, where you can practice your favorite tune.

For more information on this event and other events at the Westchester Broadway Theater, call the box office at 914-592-2222 or visit:

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