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How to shop for wine

Statistics show that the average time it takes between the purchase and the uncorking of a wine is 15 to 20 minute so leave the Internet purchases for evaluating prices and to order something out of the ordinary, since you’re adding shipping prices and taking away the privilege of being able to drink the wine you just purchased.
The ultimate reward of an Internet purchase may be the price, the uniqueness or simply the fact that you’re a person that wants to lay the wine in its cellar for a while before drinking it. The Hudson Valley is full of wine shops, ready to cater to you with that particular something that the internet can’t offer: “The personal touch!”

Mahopac Discount Liquors and Wine

Wine-Searcher is a premier search engine for wines. Whether you are a merchant, winery, connoisseur, a consumer, an investor, a wine marketing company or simply looking for wine information, this is a great site. The database has 8681 wine-store price lists with over 2.6 million offers. The site also offers a wealth of information about wine.

WineZap – is a similiar resource to Wine-Searcher and offers on-line wine reviews and educational Videos in addition to locating and pricing wines features.

The Internet Wine Guide – Offers Instant Access To All Major Wine Sites Worldwide, Auctions and all you need to know about wine basics.

The WineWeb
is an electronic marketplace for wine, providing information on wineries and wines to consumers so they can research and buy wine online. They maintain the largest directory of wineries from all over the world, currently over 34,000 wineries.

Another great site is WINES where they sell overstocked wines or slow movers from 30% to 70% off everyday until they are sold out of that particular wine. You can visit the site and do a price check on the above sites and you will be amazed at how much you can save, provided you have time to wait.

Also visit the Hudson Valley best Wine and Liquor Stores for a directory of local wine shops in the Valley.

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