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My favorite method of preserving wine once it's uncorked

With the popularity of wine building momentum, we all need a better way for the wine to retain its freshness after its opened if  we can’t consume it all at once.
The industry wants to sell us gadgets, while the easiest and most economical solution is right in front of us but we fail to notice.

My sister and her husband came to visit and introduced me to yet another gadget to preserve wine: you place the unit on top of the neck of an opened bottle of wine and the automatic pump powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries, evacuates excess air from inside the bottle.

It has a temperature display which works in Celsius and Fahrenheit to read the wine’s temperature. Unfortunately this only happens when the wine travels up the neck and touches the metal temperature probe inside the stopper, and you must hold the wine in position for about 5 seconds.

A sleek design and definitely destined to spark conversation! – Cleaning instructions: Do not immerse in water, do not place in dishwasher, just wipe with a cloth! – The only question that comes to mind: If the pump and the metal temperature reader both reside in the core of the cap, so once wine runs through it because you will want to check the wine’s temperature or because the bottle was tilted, how do you clean it! – You can visit Vintage Vac on line at: or see the product at “The Sharper Image” or at “Sur la table

Open wine begins to oxidize the moment you open it and temperature speeds up the process. The best way to preserve wine is by placing the cork back on and storing it inside the refrigerator where it will keep fresher for about three days. For longer storage a wine stopper and pump will do the trick as well as any other gadget. The air is extracted entirely and the stopper will keep the air out for quite some time. Another solution is to evacuate the air by using preservative gas which creates a blanket between the wine and the remaining air. This method is believed to be less effective although it works wonders at bottling plants before corks are placed on the bottles.

Some add glass beads or marble in the bottle – this will raise the wine level while pushing the air out. I worked in the wine business for a while and got a chance to try all methods and tactics and since the objective is to keep the air out, why spend so much money on gadgets? What I did, was to go and select a .375 bottle of wine that I liked, once it was finished, I saved it after washing it and now I use it to store half of my wine once I open it. The math is simple, there are four glasses in a bottle, you drink two glasses within a two day time and the rest will keep in the half bottle for as long or much longer than you ever need to, since its contest are not getting corrupted by oxidation. And you’ll love the savings.

What’s your favorite method of preserving wine once it’s opened?

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