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Planning wine and food pairings

Pairing can be done by complementing the food with wine grown and produced in the same region as the food.

This rule works very well because regional cuisines were adjusted to perfectly complement their wines and since rules were made to be broken, in most instances your favorite wine goes well with your favorite food.

Incredible pairings happen when the food and wine interact with harmony and precision; the equivalent of creating your very own symphony. An incredible pairing should engage all the senses and complement wine and food reciprocally.

It makes sense to establish familiarity with the wine you’re going to use, so uncork your favorite, pour yourself a glass and start thinking about which foods would complement it best.

You may need to experiment a little, until you are totally pleased with the outcome. Some consider this task work, I consider it fun! Producers are beginning to make recommendations right on the labels while others publish books and websites dedicated solely to pairings. Some suggestions are driven by marketing strategies while others are based on the author’s palate!, so always pay attention and be inventive, because the pairings you’ll  discover by experimenting, are, in most cases innovative not to mention incredible.

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