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The best bottle of wine in the World

Most of the times when shopping around or doing a price comparison research on the Internet, I always keep in perspective the VALUE which is determined by the TASTE + PRICE equation.

You usually get what you pay for but when it comes to wines, you should be able to find a newcomer that offers you the best tasting wine at the best price possible, unless your intent is to impress, then go ahead and get some Chateau Le Pin, Petrus, a Romanée Conti or some Angelo Gaja Barolo or maybe a Brunello Biondi Santi; But be prepared to pay from $350 up for the Gaja and up to $4,320 for the Romanée Conti “La Tache”, this translates into $90 to $1,080 per glass.

I’ve had some great wines that I shared with friends and the experience was phenomenal and to gain knowledge of what a glass of $1,080 dollar wine tastes like is priceless, especially since a bottle of wine has no value until you uncork it.

Malcom Forbes learned a valuable lesson when he purchased a bottle of wine at an auction for $155,000 and placed it on display under hot lights. The cork popped off and the wine lost its value and had to be disposed of and he never got to enjoy the wine.

In conclusion, add VALUE to your wine by drinking It, and pass up the collector bottle and leave the Petrus for a truly unique event in your life. Learning about wines is easy, just raise the glass and drink while you read about it on the internet or in a book. Most important, value your personal opinion because in the end that’s what really counts, and remember the best bottle of wine in the world is the one you enjoy the most of course

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