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Discover your favorite wine

by Raffaele De Gennaro

The idea is to first identify the varietal. This can happen at tastings, at a friend’s house who’s having you over for dinner or by following the advise of your favorite wine shop owner or consultant.

Be innovative, try something NEW every now and then or if you already have a favorite, buy a bottle, take it home and read all about the varietal on the internet or in your favorite wine publication. You will soon discover that the same varietal grows in many parts of the world and some wines are ridiculously overpriced while some represent a great value. Just keep this in mind: TASTE + PRICE = VALUE.

For example, Cabernet is produced throughout the World and while some prefer a Cabernet from California, others may praise a Cabernet from South Africa, while others may have discovered a great Cabernet from Spain or Chile, maybe Oregon or you may have discovered the outstanding taste of a Cabernet Franc from the North Fork of Long Island. Whatever you choose, remember to be innovative and take a chance on a new wine from a new region, you may just discover a hidden gem.

Grape Expectations in Tarrytown has a unique porthole shelving, and very easy to follow descriptions on each wine.

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