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An oasis for the food lover in you

Tarry Market – Located right next door to the Tarry Lodge, provides unique shopping experiences and attracts discerning food shoppers.

Batali-and-Bastianich at the corner of North Main Street and Mill Street in Port Chester

As you enter you are welcome by a fully equipped espresso bar: The “Tarry Café”, a mini bistro where besides coffee or cappuccino, you may enjoy a gelato, pastry or choose from a selection of ready to eat panini sandwiches.

If you’re here to shop instead, the personalized service and human interaction make shopping Tarry Market a pleasant activity rather than just another chore. Go when you have enough time available to enjoy the experience because here the shopkeepers are always ready to pamper you.

Joe Bastianich and the Fresh Pasta Counter, in the foreground Mario Batali’s books.

Stocked with gourmet creations one’s accustomed to expect in a specialty foods Market, Tarry Market goes a step beyond hand-crafted and artisan foods. There’s gluten free artisan pasta, Probiotic Greek style Yogurt and Vegan Chocolate.

At the pasta counter, bronze-drawn “bigoli” from Veneto, produced since the mid 1400’s and granted a patent for its production 1n 1603 by the “Consiglio Comunale di Padova“. Le Veneziane Italian Gluten Free Corn Pasta, and home made pasta specialties like fettuccine, tagliatelle and black taglierini.
The bronze-drawn “Maccheroni Ruvidi” from Abruzzi, resembles the “calamarata” pasta, although the “Maccheroni Ruvidi” have ridges on the inside for a better hold of the sauce and enhanced texture.

In the charcuterie section wild boar cacciatorini and an exquisite Lomo Iberico De Bellota, Loin from extra Iberian pigs meat nourished with acorns in wild-controlled forest regime.

The Tarry Market’s bakery is the baking headquarters for all of the bastianich-bataly stores, it offers an impressive selection of fresh baked artisan breads and focaccia the flat oven-baked Italian bread topped with herbs and seasoned with olive oil – you can select from Prosciutto & Tomato, Olive, Potato and plain Herb focaccia, an alternate choice to the Paninis offered at the “Tarry Café”, and you may compliment the focaccia with a Morellino di Scansano or a Bastianich Sauvignon Blanc from the temperature controlled automated wine serving system.

TARRY MARKET – 179 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573 – 914-253-5680

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