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The Queen of black grapes

This wine has the rose petal scent and delicate red fruit brightness of the finest Nebbiolo’s.
Very lively and firm while the tannins glide through a narrow finish and the lasting spice brings food to mind, from a red- sauced fish dish like cacciucco, the Italian fish stew native to the western coastal towns of Tuscany and Liguria all the way to the vitello tonnato.
Pairs well with hearty first courses, red meats, roasts, braised meats, game and aged cheese  – DAMILANO – Marghe Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC 2011

Nebbiolo, the oldest and noblest native varietal in Piedmont. It most likely takes its name from the Italian word for fog, “nebbia”, which is very common in the hills of Alba, especially in early to mid-October when this late-ripening variety is harvested. It is often called the “queen of black grapes”as it needs meticulous and laborious care.

The winemaker is Giuseppe Ca’viola and the wine is made from 100% Nebbiolo. The wine was suggested as an accompaniment for my  Afghan Style Lemon Sole – Served on a bed of Saffron Rice and crispy spinach in a garlic lemon ginger sauce. The pairing was simply exquisite although one would never think it!, Sole and Nebbiolo, the perfect pairing as suggested by Khalil Wahab at Kraft Bistro. The lightly hot spiced sole brought out the best of the fruit and the velvety hints of violet in this already well balanced ruby red Nebbiolo, incredibly harmonious with this Afghan dish.

My name is Raffaele De Gennaro and I work as a wine consultant for Vias Imports, in the Hudson Valley area and the Bronx and sell to Restaurants and Wine Shops. If you can’t find the wine in your neck of the woods, just have the Restaurateur or Wine Shop contact me via email: or call me at 212-629-0200 x373

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