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Selected Memoirs of an Obsessed Mycophile

Selected Memoirs of an Obsessed Mycophile
By Dom Laudato
Softcover: 6” x 9”
160 pages with color insert
ISBN: 978-0-9825208-0-2
US $ 15.99
eBook: $4.99

MUSHROOMING ON LONG ISLAND – Selected Memoirs of an Obsessed Mycophile, by Dom Laudato answers many questions for foragers such as, “What are the best mushrooms to look for on Long Island? And, “How can I be absolutely positive of an identification?”. Dom introduces the reader to the fascinating world of wild mushrooms first-hand through the eyes of a lifelong, experienced (and often obsessed) mycophile.

Dom Laudato has spent a lifetime foraging, investigating, identifying and recording his mushroom finds while living in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. He was born in 1930, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, and raised in an Italian family with four siblings and many relatives. Growing up during the Great Depression meant that foraging for food was a necessity for survival, and for Dom, as a young boy, escaping to nature was a rare luxury.

For decades, Dom “the Mushroom Man” has foraged year-round for mushrooms in the urban parks of Brooklyn and Queens, as well as on suburban Long Island, from the north to south shores. He shares a lifetime’s worth of his experiences and anecdotes to record the complexities of scouring mushroom habitats around the region.

Readers, whether beginners or experienced mycophiles, will love following Dom’s pursuit and identification of the hundreds of wild mushrooms that can be found on Long Island, his association with the Long Island Mycological Club, and the colorful personalities of Long Island’s local mushroom scene. He recounts his adventures working as a consultant for the Long Island Poison Control Center, all the while engaging the reader with anecdotal and biographical commentary.

The book features Dom’s easy-to-find “foolproof seven” edible mushrooms, and his personal month-by-month mushroom lists which document his finds. Inside, readers will also enjoy:
• a color photo insert depicting commonly found monthly mushrooms, as well as some rare species
• personal photographs, favorite recipes, notes and sketches
• a glossary of useful terms, and full index

MUSHROOMING ON LONG ISLAND is sure to appeal to anyone interested in amateur or professional mycology, and makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys nature and foraging for wild edibles.

Dom’s account of his personal history into the arcane field of mycology can only encourage and inspire fledgling mycophiles…His enthusiasm is genuine, and contagious.”
— Charles J. Hrbek, former president, Boston Mycological Club

About the Author: Dom Laudato’s background in education and biology led him to a lifetime of mushroom foraging, identifying and recording his finds while living in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. He served as president of the Long Island Mycological Club (LIMC) for more than nine years, writing, lecturing, and leading mushrooming forays. Dom was the mushroom consultant for the Long Island Regional Poison Control Center at the Winthrop University Medical Center for more than 16 years. He continues to forage daily in the many mushroom habitats that surround his home on Long Island, always seeking the elusive Morel. Follow Dom on Twitter.

For media inquiries, book requests and interviews, contact: Lillie Miller | 518-731-1332 |

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