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Wine Soundtrack is the voice of Italian viticulture and oenology through the words of its protagonists

Wine Soundtrack – Listen to wine personalities as they share their story via a series of thirty questions. You get to hear first hand as they narrate, the hopes, and dreams and the love driven passions that drives them.

Claudio Latagliata founder and major partner of Dukapis & Partners, has decades of experience in the management and the organizational sectors of the wine industry; He specializes in the winemaking industry and family-run businesses of all sizes. 
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Francesco Perillo

Cantina di Venosa is one of the most renowned wineries in Southern Italy. Established in 1957 by 27 members today it grew to 400 members, with an area of ​​800 hectares Cantina di Venosa is the largest producer of Aglianico grapes in the Vulturno area.

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Pierluigi Bolla

The history of the Prosecco Valdo began in 1926, it made the big leap in quality in the early 1930s, when the company was bought by the Bolla family, who changed its name to Valdo Spumanti  in 1951.

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Angela Sini

Cantina della Volta began with a group of wine-loving friends who supported and encouraged Christian Bellei, artist of the classical method and  fourth generation of wine producers, to renovate his family winery in Bomporto in the province of Modena established in 1920

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