Benvenuto Brunello 2010 New York

And the participants are…


Argiano -

Canalicchio di


Col di

Col d’

Greppone Mazzi










Pian delle

Podere Le

Poggio Il

Sassetti Livio

Tassi Franci

Tenuta di

Tenuta San


Val di

Villa I

Villa Le

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Every year the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino organizes an event called “BENVENUTO BRUNELLO”. On this occasion the new wines on the market since the beginning or the new year are presented to the press and the stars  assigned to the new vintage are announced.

“The strength of this territory and the competence of the viticulturists are are the winning combination here in Montalcino.

Both experts and producers agree that the year 2010 is an excellent vintage, in my opinion and from what I’ve tasted so far from this area, the 2010 is a 5+ star vintage”

Fabio Ratto of Antinori Agricola underlines that “the weather conditions, combined with attentive agronomic practices, brought about very high quality grapes. The days of sunshine that characterised the harvest allowed a perfect ripening of the bunches, giving us an excellent quality raw material. The wines right from the first days of vinification showed marvellously rich colours and soft tannins.

The 2010 harvest in Montalcino is definitely… READ MORE DIRECTLY FROM THE CONSORZIO


TRE BICCHIERI is also around the corner…and the winners are?Read or download here.


The Montalcino Commune in Tuscany


In 1831, the Marchese Cosimo Ridolfi, praised the red wines produced in Montalcino, and Brunello records, date back to the 14th century. But it wasn’t until 1865 that Brunello took the spotlight, when it was the “select red wine” and prize winner at the Montalcino’s agricultural fair. Around this time, Clemente Santi isolated certain plantings of Sangiovese with the intent of producing an age worthy wine, and in 1898, his grandson Ferruccio Biondi-Santi, released the first version of Brunello as we know it today, after having aged the wine in large wood barrels for ten years. It was the 1888 vintage, followed by the 1891, 1925 and 1945. By the time we reached the 60′s there were less than a dozen producers of Brunello and in 1968 the DOCG status was awarded to the area.

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The Pope's Noodles - a divine inspiration


The Pope’s Noodles or Fettuccine alla Papalina – an upscale reinterpretation of the earthy spaghetti carbonara.

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How to break down a Pumpkin to make your fresh pumpkin pie filling

Peeled and deseeded, I chopped the pumpkin into 1inch X 1inch cubes

The toughest part of the pumpkin pie filling by far is breaking down the pumpkin. Read what this upcoming Chef discovered after he diced the pumpkin into little pieces…

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Folding Napkins with class

Images from

Just in time for your Holidays entertainment needs, I ran across “Napkin Folding Guide”, a great website that gives 27 different folding instructions for entertaining with an additional touch of class.

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Secret Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Native Americans dried strips of pumpkin and wove them into mats. They also roasted long strips of pumpkin on the open fire and ate them. The origin of pumpkin pie occurred when the colonists sliced off the pumpkin top, removed the seeds, and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. The pumpkin was then baked in hot ashes.

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Fine wines are often discussed, but seldom opened


Join us for an evening of rare and collectible wines and taste 16 outstanding wines from award winning producers, followed by a perfectly paired dinner at: Emilio Ristorante, 1 Colonial Place, Harrison NY 10528

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Invito web US_programma

Simply Italian Great Wines U.S. Tour organized by I.E.M. of Verona and I.E.E.M. of Miami, Florida, one of the most prominent trade tasting events of the year, returns to New York at the heart of the city in the stylish Hilton Midtown Hotel, and to Chicago’s luxurious Sofitel Water Towers this October with an impressive line-up of Italian wine regions, producers, and wines–both classic and new.


Are all winter squashes pumpkins?

Pumpkin & Squash Identification Chart from Earthbound Farm in Carmel Valley, CA

Pumpkins are winter squashes, but not all winter squashes are pumpkins! – No matter what you call them, in the fall many wonderful varieties are available. Squash is native to the New World, and some species have been cultivated for more than 9,000 years.

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