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Our focus is on Wine and Food, providing an informational guide featuring the goods and services of other vendors in the fields of Wine, Food, and Catering. We focus on Vine to Wine, organic and Biodynamic Viticulture, Vineyard Location, the Soil and the Sun exposure and especially on cutting edge winemaking methods with a touch of old school.

Organic and biodynamic is great in the vineyard or in the farm, but when it comes to purchasing fresh produce, an important consideration is the days it takes for the produce to reach your local market.
High moisture produce should only be purchased from your local Farm, unless it’s flown in daily, because in most instances, it was picked up many of miles away, Mexico, Canada and so forth.

Temperature shifts cause condensation build up on the way to your local store, and produce will spoil quickly due to packaging issues and the time it takes to hit the store shelves. Protecting produce from moisture is the best way to keep it fresh, unfortunately this can’t happen with days of travel and going from farm to hopefully refrigerated trucks and finally in the supermarket’s refrigerator.

Explore and discover with WINEDINEGUIDE where att first you virtually meet Caterers, Farmers and Restaurateurs and then in person. Know the people that have respect for the environment and care about what they purchase and serve. Those who truly enjoy what they do.

When it comes to Restaurants, there are many dining guides and you’ll need to make your own choice. WINEDINEGUIDE will only provide links to sites that specialize in recommending where, what and when.

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