The grappa road

The “GRAPPATURISTI” guide is born

A guide that accompanies tourists while exploring the Trentino valleys and it’s grappa distilleries. The Institute for the Protection of Grappa del Trentino  introduces a guide to discover distilleries associated within the territory. Trentino Grappa, the title of this informational tool that the Institute for the Protection of Grappa del Trentino has created to accompany the visitor in the form of a new journey into the Italian spirit par excellence, the grappa.

A publication that collects all of the member companies and has product pages with technical references.

“The history, the tradition, the geography of brandy, is what we wanted to gathered in this publication – says the president of the Institute for the Protection of Beppe Bertagnolli – because even grappa is a driving force for the economy of the individual valleys of the territory”

It could be described as “the grappa road” thanks to the map attached to the guide that will lead the visitor to discover the 28 distilleries scattered across the various valleys of the Province of Trento. In the introductory part of the guide is also a short handbook on how to properly taste Trentino grappa, how to choose, and pair grappa in the kitchen, not only to prepare delicious recipes, but also to propose pairings with sweet and savory dishes.

It does not end here the commitment of the Institute who has since raised the image of the corporate website  renewing the look and making it compatible with the new technologies. A good way to better address the new consumers who are, according to a recent survey, younger females. With this in mind, communication on social networking sites try to talk brandy in a modern language, best suitable for the consumer of the future.

The annual production of Trentino grappa  represents about 10% of the national, about 4 million (70 cl. bottles). The average annual production is about 10 thousand ectoliters of brandy distilling,and  always on an annual average, 16 thousand tons of “vinaccia”. Three main types of grappa are produced: one from aromatic grapes (40% of the total), the ones destined for aging (approximately 35%) and the blended grappa  (about 25% of production). The average annual turnover that generates Trentino grappa is estimated to be around € 15 million for the bottled with 2 million euro in raw material. The export share is about 20 per cent of the total.

The Grappa from Trentino is a real art which is born from secular familiar traditions, handed down from father to son. Unique in its scents and smoothness, elegant and refined: the Grappa of Trentino is a product of many facets and it’s a real reflection of the territory where it’s produced. In order to highlight its exclusivity and quality, in the sixties it was born the Institute for the protection of Grappa of Trentino. The idea of the five founders (Bertagnolli, Pisoni, Sebastiani, Segnana and Bassetti) was to create a supervisory body to enhance the production, exclusively obtained form grape mark from Trentino, and to qualify these products with the Trident trademark. The Institute is built on self-discipline rules and strict controls, which make it an undiscussed quality guarantee, certified as well by the collaboration with external organizations, such as Fondazione March – Agrarian Institute of San Michele all’Adige, which constantly carries out chemical analysis in laboratories, and the Commission dedicated to the Chamber of Commerce of Trento, which takes care of the organoleptic tests.

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