How to break down a Pumpkin to make your pie filling

by George Kringas

The toughest part of the pumpkin pie filling by far is breaking down the pumpkin (especially if its a big pumpkin, which of course was the one I was working with ).

Once I chopped the pieces down small enough to peel I started moving along a little faster, but still had trouble with the hard skin. Peeled and deseeded, I chopped the pumpkin into 1inch X 1inch cubes, spread them out onto a lightly oiled sheet pan and threw them into the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes until the pieces were cooked all the way through.I let the pumpkin cool down a little and threw them into the food processor until I had a smooth pumpkin purée, this took about 2-3 minutes. Pretty shocking how much you get out of one big pumpkin! Looks like we’ll be eating a lot of pumpkin pies.

LOL…after writing this I googled breaking down a pumpkin and came across an article which advised to bake the pumpkin wedges skin on which allows the skin to peel off very easily. It was a good article anyway, here’s the link Oh well at least I got some good practice in with the pairing knife.

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