Famous symbol of Italian liqueur tradition and culture

by Raffaele De Gennaro
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Amaro Montenegro adds a layer of depth new and old recipes

Amaro Montenegro is a renowned Italian liqueur obtained by the careful infusion in pure alcohol of a large number of herbs originating from all over the world. It was first produced in 1885 in Bologna following extensive devoted experiments performed by a famous Italian spirits manufacturer Stanislao Cobianchi.

The name of this liqueur intended to pay homage to the second queen of Italy, Princess Helen of Montenegro, on occasion of her marriage to Victor Emmanuel III, the Italian sovereign at that time.

In over 100 years of history, Amaro Montenegro has seen its success constantly increase over the years and it has become, not only the most renowned, top-selling brand of Amaro in Italy, but also one of the most famous symbol of Italian liqueur tradition and culture.

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Amaro Montenegro Tiramisù, topped with rough chopped chocolate by Cheryl Marie Cordeiro. Sounds like a great idea? Then visit Cheryl Marie Cordeiro website and get the full recipe.

Tiramisù with Amaro Montenegro.
Photo JE Nilsson and C M Cordeiro-Nilsson © 2009

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Amaro Montenegro is unique and versatile

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Source: Cheryl Marie Cordeiro: http://www.cmariec.com/?p=3403, Amaro Montenegro: http://www.amaromontenegro.com