Wine and flavors of Trentino

A trip to Vineards, nature, relaxation and great food – If this is what you like, welcome to Trentino!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the cheese called Puzzone di Moena or about the apples of Val di Non and, why not, on the renowned high altitude bubbles of Trentodoc spumante. And much more, about products you never thought you’d find here, such as small berries, honey, Trentino Lucanica sausage, and a good grappa to top it off.

A rich selection of places where you can enjoy the flavors of Trentino and many recipes for you to try. Many establishments where you can go to sleep but only after having a good meal!

Flavor itineraries to be travelled along lakes, through vineyards and up and down the Dolomites, and vacation ideas made of true experience. And finally, a calendar of tasty events for all seasons, such as those linked to the summer mountain pastures, to the world of wine or to apple picking. Discover: Trentino and discover Producers, Products and Itineraries…

Source: Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. P.I. 00123240228